What happens to your wastewater when you press the flush button? In this web project, the path your wastewater takes when it leaves your home is shown on a map. The path runs from your house, through the sewage system, to the sewage treatment plant and finally into the river Reuss. We have illustrated and described the process in the wastewater treatment plant so that you understand how your wastewater is treated.

Personal contribution

We developed the concept together in an interdisciplinary team. For this purpose we visited a water treatment plant in Lucerne. I programmed the site with Vue.js and created the animations with GSAP.

Tech Stack

  • Vue.js
  • GSAP
  • Mapbox


This is a study project and was realized within 7 days. The website is not optimized for mobile devices.




  • Concept, Programming - Simon Müller
  • Concept, Design - Chiara Kühne
  • Concept, Design, Illustration - Silja Bossert